Technology Program Manager (multi-level)

This position is responsible for working with BioMADE’s technical program team on the full spectrum of activities associated with Program Management, ranging from conception of program calls to management of a porfolio of individual projects. This position is responsible to oversee reviewing and shepherding responses to project calls, and for justifying projects selected for funding, working closely with the BioMADE and U.S. Government leadership. This position will be responsible for the active management of a portfolio of BioMADE projects. The level of this position (junior/mid/senior) will be comensurate with the level of experience of the applicant. BioMADE is a Department of Defense sponsored institute and works closely with the department to identify and advance projects beneficial to national defense.

Key responsibilities include:

  1. Manage a portfolio of BioMADE projects selected to advance bio-industrial manufacturing. Monitor technical progress, deliverables and milestones, and project related financial and intellectual property reporting.
  2. Utilize subject-matter expertise to guide and support project teams on submission quality and compliance with BioMADE procedural requirements.
  3. Integrate elements of the BioMADE Technology Roadmap into project calls.
  4. Conduct regular status meetings with project teams. Review and approve quarterly technical reports to ensure risks to the project are mitigated and projects are progressing.

And more. This position could be based in Emeryville, CA or St. Paul, MN. Click on whichever city you’d like for additional details and to apply:

Emeryville, CA

St. Paul, MN