Technology & Innovation



The BioMADE approach is to marshal insights from manufacturers and innovators to advance bioindustrial manufacturing technologies arising from a robust, but unstructured, U.S. innovation ecosystem. We accelerate commercialization of products of modern biotechnology and secure domestic supplies of materials by nucleating the ecosystem to focus on opportunities for strengthening capabilities at manufacturing readiness levels (MRLs) 4-7. Through technical innovation, improved domestic infrastructure availability, and maintaining robust connectivity BioMADE de-risks the process of bringing new products to market and stimulates investment in biomanufacturing.  BioMADE's approach: Manipulate, Accumulate, De-Risk, and Execute through the MRL 4-7 transition.  A central philosophy for innovation is: leverage what exists, adapt what is adjacent, and create for impact.


Develop predictive models, new tools, and robust platforms that ease the transition from lab to production scale.


Produce relevant scales as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is accomplished through a network of preferred sites capable of pilot-scale production, leveraging commercial partnerships not currently available.


Explore and evaluate new technologies, particularly around scale-up and downstream processing, and partner with stakeholders to clarify market potential. This incentivizes private investments that will sustain future growth of bioindustrial manufacturing.


Focus its network on manufacturing at pilot and intermediate scale to readily transition to production partners. While this often involves traditional manufacturers, BioMADE may also create the ability to produce high quality materials by alternative means or scales. Critically, BioMADE co-develops the needed workforce and regulatory packages required to ensure the technical successes are able to reach their end-to-end potential.

Focus Areas

BioMADE has an expansive list of technology areas ripe for innovation, process and product development. We feel that our strength comes from combining these technologies into systematic approaches, and doing work on them through multi-organizations teams. The areas of emphasis can be roughly categorized in these groups:

    1. Data and Design
    2. Scale up
    3. Downstream Processing
    4. Testing and Evaluation
    5. Resilient Bio-Manufacturing Ecosystem
    6. Commercial Readiness


Structural Teams

Strategy and programs are developed within the Technical Committee (TC), an organization populated by representatives from the various member organizations. The TC is subdivided into areas focused on the key BioMADE focus areas. A key product of the TC is the Technical Roadmap and a key operation of the TC is oversight of funding recommendations on Projects, ensuring they reflect strategic alignment to the Roadmap.

Project Teams

Work in BioMADE is the outcome of project teams. Project teams generally arise from periodic Requests for Proposals, but also arise from specific requests by the Department of Defense, or even by industry. The desire is that teams reflect robust interactions between industry, academia, and appropriate involvement with various federal research efforts. All project team members are members of BioMADE. The projects are expected to create solutions to problems broadly impacting the bioindustrial manufacturing ecosystem, and generate intellectual property available initially to members of the Institute.

Technical Roadmaps

A key deliverable of the technology focus of BioMADE is updated Technology Roadmaps which guide research efforts in the Institute, and which are deemed to be of such impact that public and private funding investments eagerly anticipate the rollout of these Roadmaps and make decisions driven by their insights.

How Do I Get Involved?

You can help build the future of bioindustrial manufacturing! If you would like to learn more about joining us on this mission, visit our membership page for details. You can also find more information about our approach to innovation by reviewing our most recent project call.

Education & Workforce Development


Program Overview

The bioindustrial manufacturing sector is poised for significant growth in the coming decade. As the pace of technology development continues to accelerate, so does the demand for a highly skilled workforce. To meet this growing need, we must apply the same levels of innovation to our education and workforce development programs as we do to our technological approaches. Sustaining this innovation requires a well-trained, diverse, and available workforce. In order to meet this need, BioMADE will leverage our member network to provide world-leading innovation in education and workforce development programming for bioindustrial manufacturing. By providing coordination for successful programs already in place, catalyzing improvement of those with great promise, and creating new opportunities where gaps exist, BioMADE is poised to redefine how developing the advanced manufacturing workforce of the future is approached.

Focus Areas

Building Awareness of Bioindustrial Manufacturing Careers

Shaping the future starts with inspiration. To fully realize the potential of bioindustrial manufacturing, we need to bring diverse, talented, and innovative voices into the field. This means engaging communities to build awareness of the career opportunities our field has to offer. At the moment, you'd be hard-pressed to walk into a high school in the U.S. and find a student dreaming to become a metabolic engineer, but BioMADE envisions a future where students are exposed to the tools of biotechnology and their application to the real world through bioindustrial manufacturing. Our field has limitless potential to excite curious minds, and BioMADE aims to bring about the programs that can turn that potential into reality. BioMADE also believes learning is a lifelong process and it's never too late to be inspired. So not only will we work to build awareness of the industry in young learners, but also with adults looking to pursue new paths.

Preparing the Future Workforce with Innovative Education

As our technologies evolve, so too must our approach to education. Despite long-standing efforts, there remains a consistent gap between the educational experiences of new employees and the skills and competencies they need to be successful in an industrial setting. By building bridges across our industry and education membership bases, BioMADE will help close this gap and find new ways to align the educational opportunities for students to the real-world skills they need to be successful. This means emphasizing training where disciplines converge, incorporating learning beyond technical skills (such as ethics and entrepreneurship) and creating supported pathways for transitioning between education and employment. By building alignment with industry into the fabric of the educational experience, BioMADE will help reduce the resource investment into new employee training, hasten the pace of innovation, and cultivate a diverse and deep talent pool for our industry members.

Supporting the Growth of the Current Workforce with World-class Professional Development

With the rapid pace of technological development within bioindustrial manufacturing, opportunities to modernize the current workforce are as imperative as cultivating the next generation. Meeting the needs of the workforce will likely mean recruiting folks from other manufacturing sectors and providing them with the context-specific training they need to be successful in bioindustrial spaces. Additionally, as access to biotechnologies grows, more and more companies will be looking to incorporate bio-based processes into their workflows. To support this expansion of bioindustrial technologies, BioMADE will work with our industry members to provide workshops and other continuing education programs that help companies keep their employees on the cutting-edge of skill development.

Get Involved

You can help build the future of bioindustrial manufacturing! If you'd like to learn more about joining us on this mission, visit our membership page for details. You can also find more information about our approach to making strategic investments to further this mission by reviewing our most recent project call.

4S - Safe, Secure, Sustainable and Socially Responsible


Program Overview

A commitment to incorporating safe, secure, sustainable and socially responsible (4S) is part of the fabric of BioMADE. All technical, educational, workforce, and community projects will include effort dedicated to relevant 4S topics. Members will have access to experts in bioethics, biosecurity, biosafety, and other topics while dedicated 4S advisors will work alongside BioMADE's technical and workforce leadership. BioMADE will create new models and norms for 4S bioindustrial manufacturing.

Focus Areas

Develop approaches to 4S that facilitate responsible bioindustrial engineering and manufacturing

Responsible bioindustrial engineering goes beyond merely complying with existing regulatory requirements. It means collaborating with the U.S. government and other stakeholders to advise on revisions and improvements to biotechnology regulation to help bring its benefits to the broadest possible population.  It means looking for ways to continually enhance environmental and worker protections, and engaging with the local community.  As for governance, responsible bioindustrial engineering identifies regulatory gaps resulting from new technologies and provides suggestions for new approaches.  It helps to establish benchmarks to advance equal global standards and norms.

Address ethical and security concerns in intellectual property management

BioMADE members will be thinking about the full range of possible uses for their products and processes, and will be working toward making the benefits accessible to the widest possible population.  They will also meet and exceed industry norms for guarding against accidental or intentional misuse that might threaten the public.

Increase public understanding and support for bioindustrial engineering and manufacturing

Bioengineering has enormous potential to improve life for people, animals and the environment.  By developing new ways to make foods more safe and nutritious, to make crops more hardy and adaptable to climate change, or to make new building materials and consumer products, bioengineering can be of enormous value to the public.  At the same time, many are made uneasy by the power of biotechnology, and worry about unintended and harmful effects.  BioMADE will engage with the public, hear their concerns, and work to find new ways to respond to misunderstandings and to ameliorate those concerns.

Get Involved

You can help BioMADE lead bioindustrial manufacturing toward developing safe, secure, sustainable, and socially responsible technologies and help BioMADE facilitate development and public support for biomanufactured products, in the U.S. and around the globe.  Join us to develop mechanisms to address regulatory gaps (current and expected) and any public concerns related to BioMADE projects, from initial idea to project completion, and look for opportunities to advance industry norms.  Our goal is to address concerns before they become obstacles that impede industry development, to increase U.S. competitiveness, and to make BioMADE and its members a trusted resource with U.S. public support.