May Newsletter from BioMADE

Letter from the CEO

Last month, I was thrilled to officially open BioMADE’s doors with a virtual launch event featuring industry, government, and academic leaders, including U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and Congressman John Garamendi, companies and universities from around the country, and the BioMADE leadership team. You can watch the recording of the launch event here

I’m pleased to welcome you today to BioMADE’s newsletter. Each month, you’ll hear from us about the latest in technology and innovation, progress on education and workforce development, successes and feature stories from member organizations, and opportunities to get involved. Please read on for an important update about our membership materials and the project call deadline.

BioMADE is here to build a sustainable, domestic end-to-end ecosystem focused on bioindustrial products. Our goal is to transition biotechnology from something that happens in laboratories and small facilities around the country to something that can enter the commercial market and impact society around us.

As a membership organization, we are here to serve a diversity of members and build a new bioindustrial manufacturing ecosystem together. I encourage you to look at our membership materials to learn how joining BioMADE can help your organization broaden your reach, expand your influence, and grow your network. Nearly 100 organizations have already committed to join BioMADE, and we’re just getting started. 

I want to thank the U.S. Department of Defense for their leadership and investment in bioindustrial manufacturing, and the robust team of engaged organizations that have worked with us to get to this stage. I look forward to working with all of you to transform manufacturing for the 21st century.


Important Update: Membership Materials and Project Call Deadline Extension

Formal membership documents are now available from BioMADE: the membership agreement, membership terms and conditions, and intellectual property management plan. If your organization has already applied or submitted a letter of commitment to be a BioMADE member, these materials have been emailed directly to your organization’s point of contact. If your organization has not applied yet to be a member, start by filling out this form.

Thank you for your patience while these documents were finalized. In recognition of the delay, BioMADE is extending the White Paper deadline until Friday, June 4 at 11:59 EST.

BioMADE membership, or a signed membership agreement, is not required to submit a White Paper. Membership will be required for the lead organization at the time of any invited Full Proposal submission. Membership will be required for each organization that is part of the team prior to receiving BioMADE funds.

Find more details about both project calls – technology and innovation and education and workforce development – below and on our website.

Technology and Innovation Update

BioMADE is creating a sustainable, vibrant biomanufacturing ecosystem by marshalling insights from manufacturers and innovators around the U.S. By focusing on strengthening capabilities at manufacturing readiness levels (MRLs) 4-7, we are accelerating the commercialization of modern biotechnology products and securing the domestic supply chain.

BioMADE is currently accepting proposals for projects that develop innovative scale-up production or down-stream processing technology of bioproducts to overcome current challenges with commercial viability. Successful proposals will focus on processes or technologies within MRLs 4-7, and fall into one of four modules:

  • Manipulate: Develop predictive models, new tools, and robust platforms that ease the transition from lab to production scale.
  • Accumulate: Produce relevant scales as quickly and efficiently as possible, by leveraging a network of preferred sites capable of pilot-scale production.
  • Downstream processing: Explore and evaluate new technologies, particularly around scale-up and downstream processing, and partner with stakeholders to clarify market potential.
  • Execute: Focus on manufacturing at pilot and intermediate scale to readily transition to production partners.

Details about manufacturing readiness levels, the MADE modules, and thrust areas can all be found in the project call. White papers are due June 4, 2021. You can also learn more about our technology and innovation priorities on our website, or by watching the video from our launch event.

Education and Workforce Development Update

In addition to our technology and innovation projects, we’re working to ensure that the workforce for the future is prepared and ready to fill the jobs that are going to be created by advancing this field. Creating the bioindustrial manufacturing workforce will require an all-hands-on-deck approach, which is why we’re partnering with business and industries, universities, community and technical colleges, high schools, and professional societies and trade organizations.

Are you ready to help build the workforce of the future? BioMADE currently has a call out for projects in three key areas:

  • Building awareness of bioindustrial manufacturing careers among everyone from young leaders to adults looking to pursue new paths
  • Preparing the future workforce with innovative education to close the gap between the educational experiences of new employees and the skills and competencies they need to be successful in an industrial setting
  • Supporting the growth of the current workforce with professional development to help companies keep their employees on the cutting-edge of skill development

BioMADE’s holistic approach of supporting professional development of educators, integrating research into classrooms, and developing community-based outreach programs will help ensure that both the next-generation workforce and much needed entry-level workers can be engaged and educated in response to industry needs.

We’re excited to work with our member groups to create an engaged, informed, and prepared workforce for the future. If you’re ready to get involved, visit our website to learn more about our education and workforce development priorities, and to view the project call. You can also watch this video from our launch event. White papers are due June 4, 2021.

Membership Update

At its core, BioMADE is a membership organization. With nearly 100 organizations already committed to join, we’re confident that the collective strength of our members will enable and accelerate our biomanufacturing vision. BioMADE members have the opportunity to collectively revolutionize unique manufacturing research and development capabilities and create a dynamic ecosystem for generating industry-ready intellectual property.

BioMADE membership provides benefits relevant to industry — including large, medium, small, and start-up companies — and to academic institutions, non-profits, government partners, and research laboratories. By joining BioMADE, your organization can:

  • Broaden your reach through opportunities to lead and participate on projects, utilize facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, and partner with experts at the nation’s top universities and laboratories.
  • Expand your influence by providing leadership on committees and subcommittees focused on strategic direction, technical advancement, and workforce development.
  • Grow your network by connecting with talent across the BioMADE community, attending events, and connecting to a pipeline of the current and future workforce.

Members also have the opportunity to apply for project funds, access intellectual property based on their membership tier, and connect to resources ranging from technology and innovation to education and workforce development.

Learn more about how BioMADE membership benefits organizations of all sizes on our website. If you’re interested in becoming a member, start by filling out the membership application form here. We look forward to working together!