ELSI (4S) Research Coordinator

The ELSI (4S) Coordinator will be responsible for supporting BioMADE’s programs focused on developing “Safe, Secure, Sustainable, and Socially Responsible” (4S) biomanufacturing technologies. Sometimes referred to as Ethical, Legal, and Social Implication (ELSI), the 4S Coordinator will assist BioMADE’s bioethics and biosecurity advisors in the establishment and maintenance of BioMADE 4S efforts and will work directly with BioMADE staff, committees, and members to inculcate 4S topics across BioMADE programs. The 4S Coordinator will help BioMADE lead bioindustrial manufacturing toward developing safe, secure, sustainable and socially responsible technologies and help BioMADE facilitate development and public support for biomanufactured products, in the US and around the globe. The 4S Coordinator will work with the advisors and members to develop mechanisms to address regulatory gaps (current and expected) and any public concerns raised by BioMADE projects, from initial idea to project completion.

This position will be based in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN and employed through the University of Minnesota. Find additional details and apply through the host institution’s career website. Apply for this position.