Director of Cyberinfrastructure

The Director of Cyberinfrastructure will oversee the information technology platforms for BioMADE, including developing and implementing its policies and goals. They will be responsible for ensuring that the IT system, from email to accounting to fermenter, is operated, updated, secured, and maintained to the highest standard. BioMADE’s computing infrastructure will be comprised of desktops, workstations, laptops, servers, and a wide variety of other information-based technologies including hardware, software, and the network needed to support these devices. They will also be responsible for engagement with BioMADE managed service provider, managed security service provider, and the U.S. Government to ensure appropriate cybersecurity requirements are realized.

This position will be based in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN and employed through the University of Minnesota. Find additional details and apply through the host institution’s career website. Apply for this position.