Director of Contracts and Agreements

The Director of Contracts & Agreements serves as the senior-most contract and agreement expert for BioMADE, a Department of Defense (DoD) sponsored bioindustrial Manufacturing Innovation Institute (MII). The Director will be responsible for oversight of BioMADE contracting and awards functions, as well as procurement and other agreements. This position will supervise BioMADE contracts staff. BioMADE will receive awards from a variety of sources and will issue awards to industry, academic and non-profit entities after an RFP process. These awards will be negotiated and executed by the Director and their team.

Key responsibilities include:

  1. Provide oversight of BioMADE Prime Awards and Subawards. Oversight, negotiation, and administration of complex contractual agreements between BioMADE and its partners for the conduct of research, training, and other sponsored activities.
  2. Maintain oversight of subaward tracking, issuance, subrecipient monitoring policy and procedure, cost sharing compliance, invoice payments, and subaward closeouts.
  3. Lead BioMADE’s compliance efforts with the Federal Funding and Accountability Transparency Act and DATA Act, including reporting obligations into the Federal Subcontractor Reporting System. This responsibility includes developing a solid understanding and ability to gather all reportable transactions. Provide relevant support to external and internal audits.

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