BioMADE Committee Update

Dear BioMADE Stakeholders,

As a member-driven organization, BioMADE is governed by a Leadership Council and several Committees. By participating in these committees, member organizations set BioMADE’s priorities, influence roadmap development, and drive our collective success. Participating in committees and subcommittees is a great way to meet and collaborate with other BioMADE members and work together to guide BioMADE’s work.

The top-level institute governing body is the BioMADE Leadership Council, which provides leadership on institute priorities and ratifies proposed actions by committees. Subject-specific guidance is provided by three committees: Technical, Workforce Development, and 4S (Safety, Security, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility).

Joining a BioMADE Committee at this early stage will help ensure that your organization’s voice is heard as we develop a technical roadmap, set priorities, and make research and funding decisions. This is your chance to influence the future of bioindustrial manufacturing in the U.S. — your participation is crucial.

These Committees are being established now and will have their inaugural meetings on Nov. 1-3. Committee composition is based on membership tiers; learn more about committee structure, timelines, and time commitments here.

By September 15, current BioMADE members will receive an email from confirming your eligibility and nominees based on your membership tier. Please feel free to contact us at that email address if you have any questions about Committees.

If you’re not a BioMADE member yet, now is the time to join! To be considered for this inaugural year of committee assignments, organizations need to be signed on as members by Tuesday, Oct. 5 at 12:00 noon CST. Please click here to start your membership application, or reach out to Laura Vitko, Membership Manager, at for details.

I strongly encourage current members to be participate in elections and play an active role in committees, subcommittees, and working groups. It’s crucial we have your voice as we build BioMADE. I look forward to working together to improve bioindustrial manufacturing technology and workforce preparedness around the United States.