Administrator (Based in CA)

The BioMADE Administrator independently supports the operations and programmatic support of BioMADE’s Berkeley offices and provides professional level support to the BioMADE national technical/program team. The Administrator will support all aspects of these activities ensuring that processes are developed and implemented in a streamlined fashion and in compliance with complex Department of Defense (DoD) security requirements. Responsibilities will include developing, implementing, and performing management and administrative on-line processes and procedures for complex program activities, BioMADE’s Berkeley operations and BioMADE’s complex, large proposal review and grant making activities. It is projected that there will be up to 200 awards made and/or active annually and awards in excess of $25,000,000 a year.

The BioMADE Administrator will be responsible for coordinating across a large team of technical program managers, as well as a large number of independent reviewers dispersed across the nation. Duties will include a variety of complex support duties to individuals, groups, or programs in accordance with both BioMADE policies and procedures as a non-profit and DoD-funded institute, and the University of California’s own set of policies and procedures. The Administrator will be responsible for all aspects of the operations of the BioMADE Berkeley office including coordinating IT systems to meet DoD security requirements, facilities and safety, business services, and coordination of operations and activities with BioMADE’s main office.

This position will be based in Berkeley, CA and employed through the University of California, Berkeley. Find additional details and apply through the host institution’s career website. Apply for this position.